Labyrinth For Your IPhone

I just happened to be checking out the visitors' statistics of my blog while I realized that I got quite a visits by people who were searching for the word "Labyrinth". Although the word has a deep significance in my life, I was kinda confused how it might interest the people world over, suddenly? And I know it's not an one-off phenomenon 'coz the search for that word had been leading readers to my page for the past 6 days, everyday. That got me curious enough to start poking around a li'l bit more when I realized that a new game "Labyrinth" has been launched that can be played using the motion sensitiveness of iPhone. According to the game developer Carl Loodberg -

Labyrinth is the iPhone version of the classic game where you control a steel ball by tilting a wooden labyrinth. It is controlled by the iPhone accelerometer with high accuracy. To date Labyrinth has been downloaded more that 250 000 times. Labyrinth is not developed by Apple and is not endorsed or supported by Apple.

Since a lot of people happened to land up at my post on iPhone, I thought it's better that I help them out and actually post a link here where they can download the game Labyrinth for iPhone.

Happy Gaming!!

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