Saying Good Bye To The Year That Was....

Just when you think that you are getting used to something... time changes and then starts another round of adjustments and what not....

The year 2007 started on a very positive note... the year 2006 left behind in its wake a lot of things that were to be taken forward in the year that was hailed as the year of Bond. Ofcourse, astrologically the year had the most perfect date of the decade till now- 7.7.7 considered to be one of the most eventful dates of the year...

This day not only saw hoardes of weddings taking place all over the world but the New Seven Wonders of the World were also announced on this very day. Thanks to the huge population that we have, we managed to get our very own Taj a place in this list.

This year, J.K. Rowling... and the cast of Harry Potter... got richer by a few million pounds because not only did the fifth part release as a movie, major controversies and huge letters made sure that the last and the sevent part didn't have a sad ending and that their beloved Harry did not get killed.

Bollywood too made its mark... with Mani Ratnam's Guru giving the much needed push to start on a positive note in Bollywood. This year, Bollywood also paid tribute to the golden years of cinema with OSO and Khoya Khoya Chand giving us a wonderful insight into the world of cinema that was. The unexpected winner in the race was Jab We Met... the couple finally managed to get their chemistry right on screen only to fall apart offscreen....and to end the year in real high spirits... we had Taare Zameen Par.... the directoral debut of Amir Khan... has surely made every one realise that every child truely is special....!!!

But, undoubtedly the year belonged to all our sportstars who did us proud in all the fields... be it cricket, football, hockey, tennis, car racing....!!!

What with Sania Mirza getting her top ranking in WTA... Indian Cricket Team winning the T-20 World Cup... and we winning the Nehru Cup in football and the Asian Cup in hockey.... the year was full with them all...!!! And of course... we got a new National Anthem in the form of Chake De India...!!!

Its like another chapter of the chronicles of life that is gonna end on the stroke of midnight on 31st December... and we are gonna enter into another year full on riding on the spirit of the year gone by....!!!


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