Where is the power?

Democracy was defined in the famous words of Abraham Lincoln as a Government- For the people,by the people to the people....

Two hundred years' worth of lives and leaders and fights are what it took for the Indian subcontinent to get free from the clutches of the Colonial rule of the Queen of England. And today, 60 years later, the two sister countries that came out of the partition are reeling under indifference of the leaders who just want power and more power.

The politicians of yesteryearsused to work for the people... so much so, being in politics was considered noble because you were working for the welfare of the people.

But, power makes the craving for more even worse.....!!! With the concept of Political Survival being upheld, it seems that politicians who even want to work for the welfare of the people are being thrown out of power.

The recent Benazir Bhutto assassination has revealed the turmoil and the political instability that is lurking in the alleys of Pakistan.

Why was she assassinated?? Don't the people deserve an answer... as to why was their leader killed and why are they being denied the right to vote and find themselves a decent leader who would lead them well... and give them scope for improvement in their economic, social and political lifestyles... the country is on the verge of a Civil war... and I really hope that the power, that is The People, win themselves a right to live a decent life...free of fear and despair....!!!

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