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Who Am I?

My name is Sayantan Pal (full profile) & I reside in Mumbai, India. I got into blogging about 3 years back and this blog is approximately 2 & a half years old. It is this blog where I've learnt and been learning the secrets of the trade. Although currently, I am pursuing a course in Electrical Engineering, I also happen to be a technological self-proclaimed geek and a freelance writer.

Why Am I In This Profession?

While writing on Shayon's Labyrinth, I realized that blog is a powerful medium to reach the masses & that every brand must maintain one. After I looked around, I realized that not many people have the time and energy to spare in maintaining a blog. It is then that I decided to make myself available for the job.

Why Would You Need A Blog?

I'd already written a post on 8 Reasons Why Today's Companies & Firms Need A Blog Or Freelance Writers. Kindly refer that for the same.

Why Should I Be Hired?
  • Knowledge can always be acquired, not passion. Passion needs to announce its presence from within. I blog with passion and it is this zeal that helped me in keeping this page alive for so long. Ask around. A very few percentage of blogs has survived 2 years of patience & persistence.
  • "Survival of the fittest" is the rule that I follow. I know that being adaptive is the best way to survive in the market. This blog itself is a living proof.
  • With the given managerial acumen, acquired technical background (I'm a to-be Electrical Engineer) and the zeal to write, I'm confident I can keep up to any expectation, be it promoting a cause, writing about technology or simply working up a biography.
  • I write in simple clear English (as evident from my tutorials), unlike some who defeat the understanding of the reader in an effort to be extra eloquent.
  • The power of persuasion is my forte and I know how to handle customers and reply to their queries. I understand that public relations is one of the major parts of any companies' functioning.
  • For any blog, regular posting is a must. This is something not always possible for the people on the company payroll. This is where outsourcing a freelance writer pays off.
  • Without trying to sound boastful, just to prove my credibility, this blog got rewiewed by a leading Indian newspaper, The Telegraph, on their issue of January 30, 2007.
  • To add to it all, I write at a lot cheaper price than many leading bloggers. This way, you could give the idea of blogging a shot without losing out a lot of moolah. But given a chance, I'm confident you shall never discontinue the blog.
However, I'm also available as a writer for other bloggers and blogging services. You are requested to shoot me an email at or just leave a comment if you are interested.

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