Blogging Tip - Write Notes On Sundays

Did you ever have a concept called "Reading Day" when you were a kid? Did your parents or even your teachers ever ask you to keep aside one day out of the busy week to do reading practices? It is unarguably true that any self-respecting & successful blogger needs to follow a lot of other blogs, social media websites & other sources of information. I'm sure you take rest from the pressures of blogging for at least one day of the week. Why don't you reserve that one day for reading only? I'm not asking you to visit and comment on the blogs too. Your job should be just to keep a pen & paper at hand to take some notes as and when necessary.

I don't own a personal computer. I blog from my college. However, on Sundays, I just carry a pen & a piece of paper around and make it a point to read all the new posts that I've subscribed to, using the GPRS connection in my phone. All the while, I keep a lookout for a few essential ideas that keep me occupied for almost the whole of next week. This practice helps me learn various tips & tricks suggested by well known bloggers like Problogger, Madhur Kapoor & Blogging Tune. In the process, it also helps me to get new ideas for posts and advertising. For the taste, here's what I learnt last Sunday -
  • I really need to structure the way I post, according to the days of the week. For example, video tutorials on Mondays, how-tos on Tuesdays, Advice columns on Saturdays etc.
  • Got a lot of new ideas to write on, an example is this very post.
  • It's high time I hire a pro graphics designer to personalize this blog.
  • I need to make visiting cards for myself.
  • Need to create a section in my blog for guest blogging.
  • Shall need to organize the meta description of this blog.
Now, almost all the tips are indispensable in running a successful blog. Every Sunday, arrange for a whiteboard & get yourself a personal blog optimization tutor, free of charge.

So, I told you about my method of getting new ideas? What are yours?

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