EntreCard Series - How To Make EntreCard Chain Droppers Read Your Blog?

In the EntreCard Series, I'd planned to write an exhaustive collection of articles on everything concerning EntreCard. After explaining how EntreCard works and the concept of chaindroppers, this was a natural question that needed to be answered.

How To Make EntreCard Chain Droppers Read Your Blog?

Despite all the nuances of chain droppers I'd pointed in my previous post, they are very much a part of the daily lives of all the EntreCard users. Here are a few tips on how to make chaindroppers read your blog.
  • The very first point that needs mentioning is the design of your blog. The design and flow of your blog should be compelling enough for anyone to feel like stopping and look around the page.
  • Try to write quite a few posts on EntreCard and keep them at the top of your blog. However, if they seem to get lost in the archives, later on, showcase those articles in a space around your EntreCard widget such that the links are easily visible to anyone wanting to click on the widget. This is primarily because no EntreCard chain dropper can stop himself if he / she comes across posts on EntreCard itself.
  • Always drop cards at the ones who drop on you. This can create interest within the droppers about your blog provided you keep dropping onto their inboxes everyday.
  • Always advertise on blogs on your niche & resist dropping cards on blogs that don't belong to your niche. This is because you get most of your EntreCard traffic from the users' inbox or through the ads you have placed.
  • Last, but never the least, start out on contests that give out EntreCard credits for prize. This is a win-win situation since you can attract a lot of traffic because of the contests and the prizes (EntreCard Credits) that you dish out are all free.
So, do you too have any more tips to add to this quarry? Do feel free to comment.

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