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I have been scourging the internet for a while, searching for free softwares that I could install on my machine. I'm not too rich to be able to buy professional softwares. I know, there are a lot many websites that allow you to download premium versions of softwares for free but being a software developer myself, I know how it feels to have people use your paid software for free. Hence the choice of freewares. Well, I've categorized all the softwares to the best of my ability and I plan to post the links as a series of posts. Don't worry, I shall publish the links to all categories so that you jump from one category to another, any time. Hope you find these links useful.

  1. Mini Golf Maniacs 1.0 - Mini Golf Maniacs is a free mini-golf game with fun graphics, good game play and several playing modes: one hole, coin gathering, tournament or multi player game online. Simply select the mode you like best and begin practicing your swing!
  2. - This is a website that is full of free games. However, some of them are adwares. All you need to do is confirm the same before downloading.
  3. QTracker - A nifty little program that lets you know what games are currently being played on the network

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