Diary of the Chennai traveller- Day 1

So, finally I managed to get myself a welcome holiday.... I am in Chennai...as I write this blog.

I know that I was in Mumbai for a month last year but that was for work... but this trip is complete leisure... Since I am out... I would continue with the Investment Articles once I am back... that is 10 days later.

Till then- here is Chennai for you to visualize...from my point of view. The pics will only come at the end... 'coz I forgot to carry my cable.

Anyways - Day 1 - for all those who like to travel for the fun of it...never take a flight before sunrise...especially if you are traveling domestic... you tend to spoil the whole day 'coz of the fatigue... and if you do plan to take the early flight... then sleep well, the night before.

Jokes apart - I landed in Chennai after taking the 5.35 am Spice Jet flight no. SG 301. The flight was on time and as the doors of the aircraft opened we were greeted by warm sultry air in which you could smell the sea. Unlike Mumbai, where you are greeted by a huge slum on the side of the airport... the view from top is breath taking. It's all green around and for a moment you a taken aback 'coz you hardly get to see so much of greenery staying in Delhi.

The roads here are narrow... the town, a li'l backward... but it does have the largest university of the country which, along with its affiliates, provide education in various fields to 250,000 students all over the country.

The weather here is great and I saw a handicraft boutique here whose place of manufacture will be shown to me on the way to Pondicherry...which I'm gonna visit this weekend.

Right now - we are getting ready for dinner... this day was spent resting... tomorrow, the fun starts...


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