Diary of the Chennai traveller- Day 7

I have completed a weeks' stay here in Chennai. Its been a beautiful week...

Anyways on the 7th day of my visit here... I saw a mall that is spred over 3 floors and all the three floors are equivalent to the Palika Bazaar that we have in Delhi.

This is known as Spencers plaza... and try as much as you like... the chances that you are gonna get lost is 99%... so you wont be able to exit from the gate you entered.

the plaza is made of lot of small and big stores... you have branded names like pantaloons... Levis..etc and then there are khokas..the bargain shops too....

Then towards the evening... we went to the Marina Beach... if the beach is beautiful during the day then its mesmersing in the evening... with the gliterring lights of the docks and various buildings... that spread across the beach. The water has such a calming effect on the mind..body and soul.

And then from there we went to the Kapleshwar Temple. One thing that is great about the temples here in south is the carvings that they have on the math. Its just awesome...and another thing that is popular in here is special entry... for payement of 10 rs for each person...you can get the priest to do spl puja for you.

And now... I am again cuddling back with a book...and waiting for the next morning to come..... Cheers...

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