Who is going to win... Finally?

The reports that I have been reading seems to indicate that the general category will soon be converted into the reserved category...(I hope that this never comes true...!!)

Mayawati is eyeing the post of the PM. And the assets that were evaluated by CBI at 96 crores and more is being utilised by her in pursuing her dream to the post of PM. She buying..literally buying the support of the MP's against the government. Its weird how money can change hands and the fate of our country. 

As the MP's will be voting tomorrow, I am going to sit and wonder that when our constitution makers drafted our constitution they must not have realised that the spirit of nationalism that they possess... is not going to be a part of the coming breed of politicians.
And therefore even the legal system is quite on the len-den of money to rig the trust vote. The law can interfere after the voting. Its like the police coming in a bollywood movie after the whole fight is over. Therefore- the concept of precaution is better than cure does not exist at all. The chance of this changing is so so slim that I cant even hope for it. Why would the legislature pass a law that is going to harm their earnings...!!!

Its such a sad situation, that nationalism and policies in the national interest have been put behind and personal agendas are being pursued in the veil of the coming trust vote. In India alot is left on God.
And I hope, that God saves the country where he is worshipped the most.

Lets hope that people who really care win...else.. its going to be another elections....where we will end up making bad choices...!!!

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