Can typing all day get you dehydrated?'s been a long long day before the monitor. Bunked the whole goddamn day's classes just to sort out my blog page. Have I gone insane? Or am I a good-for-nothing net freak? Sometimes I think, why the hell am I doing this? Does anyone even read my pages? And anyways, why should I write stuffs about my life for other strangers to read? But just then, I started to justify myself. I decided that I'm not really writing here for others to read, but rather for me to take out my frustrations, my emotions and also go for mindstorming sessions, as I frequently do. I've found the monitor a great listener and to top it all, it even helps me to solve my personal problems and others that've been plaguing my life, quite well. I realised most of the hands-on HTML that I've learnt as of now is just 'coz of my urge of making my blog pages look good and a li'l different from others. The habit of writing weblogs has taught me to be cordial to people who are reading my posts, it's taught to go out and read others' experiences, it's taught me to relive incidents that've never ever happened to me in my life. Such has been it's influence over my life.

I've a friend called Abhishek Karmakar. He's a pretty fundoo guy, but I like to call him a thinker. He's one of the best pals I've ever had. The first time he saw me blogging, he grew quite excited about the whole concept of it. After realising what it is all about, he himself started to research for some good blogging sites and, I suspect, has even registered in a handful of them. He was telling me the other day that he's tried loads of times "to write something" but simply never manages to conjure up a 'topic'. That was when I started thinking whether I myself too have ever logged into
Blogger or Yahoo! 360° first thinking up what I was gonna write! As far as I remember, I've always been spontaneous. True, there are times when some incident occurs that I'd like to let the world know. But in those times, I just make a mental note of it. However, trust me, I hardly ever manage to think it up again when I'm actually before the monitor.

These days, when I'm in college, I can hardly be online for around 2 hours in a day. It's just today that I've been sending & receiving bits & bytes for so long, just 'coz I bunked the complete day of my college. Days when I used to be home, I used to be online for around 12-14 hours each day. All I'd do is blog, read news (that's just tech news, I hardly read anything other than that) & conjure up logics and metadata for my programs. Sometimes I wonder how much man has woven this net around his own life. At least I myself can't think of a day without checking my mails and can't think of a few hours without seeing a computer! God himself knows what's waiting in the future. As of now, I'm happy the way things are progressing. Now that finally I've almost edited my Side Bar to my tastes, now I can go back to mailing my girlfriend. Yeah, I still haven't mailed her a single word :-p. Ohkay, that is it, I'm going....

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Saturday, August 27, 2005 8:22:00 PM

hehe! i've jotted down all d merits of blogging that u've typed out for the times when i feel myself to be a worthless piece of shit who's wasting away all his time to glory! and to think of it, i find most of them to be facts and not just excuses! way to go!
and yup! i've noticed that typing out a post is something spontaneous! having a predetermined topic doesn't help! tried it out so many times and ended up with nothing except 5 deletions and 60 minutes down the drain!


Sunday, August 28, 2005 9:29:00 PM

Since u said that i should appriaciate u more pulicaly so here it is.. i just love the spontaniety in your blogs and its fun reading them... though pls stop making me look like a monster on ur blogs.
I dont eat u up if u dont mail... its just that u do expect a repky of ur mail... esp of ur guy...!!
love ya


Monday, August 29, 2005 11:12:00 AM

To AlecSmart:

Hey dude, good to see you in my page. So, finally my page's truly generating some traffic apart from my own IP address, eh? ;-) Anyways, it's true that there've been loads of times when I thought this blogging business is nuthin but full of sh*t. But somehow, I never manage to keep myself away from it. The very idea of writing appeals me to no extent. And morever, I'm glad that we share similar thought processes.
On the spontaneity front, yeah, I too have failed loadsa times when I had predetermined what to write. It just results in posts consisting thousands of words & finally I get bored & dump it in the draft section. I already have 4 drafts stored in Blogger :-P.

To Sakshi, meri jaaneman:

You know something? It's always feels great to be prised by your girlfriend ;-) I'm happy that you love to read my blogs 'coz, to tell you the truth, I write mostly so that you can read them & that you get to know what all's been happening in my college and in my life. Not every intricate detail can discussed over the phone, right?
Oh well, I'm so sorry if I made you look like a monster in my blogs. Well SmartAlec, do you too feel I made my sweetheart look like a monster? I don't think so! Anyways, yes, you must expect mails from your guy, but shouldn't your guy too reply to them as soon as he gets them? That's what I was portraying in the blog. Well folks, just in case you think my girlfriend is a monster, better beware, 'coz she's my life, my sweetheart! ;-) And jaan, did I mention that I Love You a lot? I really do! Love you, baby!!



Monday, August 29, 2005 3:55:00 PM

Well... jaanu... its ok.. i dont care if ppl even think that i am a monster as long as u love me.

I dont knw.. somehow watever i have blogged is all predetermined and has topics.. somehow..i dont think im even 1% good with spontanous writing... jaanu u knw it pretty well...!!!
Love u loads sweetie...!!!


Tuesday, August 30, 2005 5:53:00 PM

AWWW!! choo chuweeet:P! LOL! things r getting too mushy for me to stick around! but before i take my leave, lemme clarify one thing! sakshi mate! you're no monster! atleast i don't see it that way! dunno abt shayon though:P! what can i say... gfs are like that! damn possessive and real aggressive when they don't get their daily dosage of mails, sms', phone calls, etc:D!
but hey! give blogging a try atleast! unless ofcouse u don't maintain a diary! it feels good to pour out ur frustrations n happiness someplace!


Friday, September 02, 2005 4:34:00 PM

Hey alec... please... u knw we usually talk like that... u don need to leave.. but yeah if ur uncomfy... we will not talk like that at all.
Agreed gfs are possesive.. but tell me dont i deserve even a single mail wen he stays about 1000 of miles away...!!!
Yup i did try n maintain a diary.. do write it in a few times wenever i have no one to talk... other wise shayon gets all the "emotionl outbursts"
you take care... n njoy


Saturday, September 03, 2005 2:28:00 PM it's getting too mushy for you? C'mon dude, we are always the same as we r here. Well, agree with Sakshi, if folks feel uncomfy, surely will cut out the coochy-coo stuffs :p LoL. What say, jaan?