Are the times changing?

Oh'd been a tough morning for me. Had started at around 9 and it's well past 11 right now. All this while, have been editing my Template, changing PCs, running around the whole of the computer room, searching & uploading images etc etc...

Well actually, we are allowed to be on a machine for only 50 minutes (yeah 50, isn't that strange? Well, 'guess I can have the liberty to say everything in NIT Jamshedpur is outta ordinary), post which, he'll be revoked off his seat. Moreover, I can't get my roll no re-registered for at least 3 hours after that. So, even now, I'm on a lawaaris PC, every moment praying that I get to keep this seat at least till 12.

Ohkay, now lemme make a list of what all I've incorporated in my page in the past 2 hours :

  • Counter - I really love this feature. Never use an invisible one 'coz I feel even the visitor should know how many have already been here.
  • Communication Portal - Ohkay, does it sound too Sci-fi? The phrase struck my brain waves & I just typed them out. In this portal, I've made provisions for people to syndicate my Blogs, to email me & a portal (again??!!!) to send me an IM whenever I'm online on Yahoo!
  • BlogRoll - This section is basically for my own benefit. Here I've segregated a few of my friends whose blogs I read as frequently as I can manage.
  • Sidebar Titles - Changed the headings of various sections in my sidebar. Nothing like rocket science, but I just did them the way I like. SnAp!!

Well, that is it. 'Guess enough of customizations now 'coz now it's high time I mailed my girlfriend :-p. She'd been asking me to mail her a reply for the past 2 days & I couldn't manage the time. Now that I do have got the time, I think I should send her a few lines. Anyways, that is it from me now. Will come back again after I have my lunch :-/. Adios!

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