The Fight goes on...

It's almost 9 in the morning now & I'm in my college's Computer Center, trying to sort out my blog page. You must be thinking I'm crazy. Well, not quite. Or maybe, yeah, I am. I had my classes since 8 in the morning. Had set the alarm for 7 AM in my mobile, but still failed to wake up. Finally I did wake up, but well past 8, after my girlfriend gave me a missed as a wake up call. I don't blame her either. She didn't know that I had my lectures from 8 today. Anyways, After I was up, i checked out the time and cursed myself for being so careless. However, I suddenly lost all my urge to go attend classes today, so just took up my center Card and headed towards the center.

Well, now here I am, trying to think and decide whether I should continue with the previous design I had or should I conjure up a new alternate one, to mark the beginning of a 'new age'? I'll have to bring in all my important links into the link section, lost my BlogRoll, will have to collect their URLs too. Had posted a list of Tech news sites that I frequently visit. There were links to useful sites that helped me with HTML and various other resources for my blogs, shall have to include them too in my sidebar. Let's see how long it takes me, hope not much. Till then, I'll be all restless and shaky. Just as I'd said, Life's never fair!

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