Destiny makes me a laughing stock - and it continues...

Damn...damn...damn!! Just as I was trying to sort out the latest look for my page, lights of my college's Computer Center goes off again. It was around 7:30 at night, so I decided to walk all the way to my hostel (a minimum of one n half kilometers away) to have my dinner and decided to come back again after the lights come back. As destiny wanted it, the moment I reached the hostel, the lights arrived with a bang. With a bang, 'coz the moment it came, one of the transformers in our college bursted with a bang :-). Anyways, the mess doesn't open until 8, so just went into my room and waited for the minute hand of my Timex wrist watch to touch the apex. The moment it did, I rushed off to the mess, gobbled up (literally) pathetic food the serve out there & rushed to the Computer Center again. And yes, you guessed it right. The moment I sit on the PC assigned to me, the lights go off again, that ba****d!!

Anyways, right now the machines are running on UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), but I'm sure I'll have to be up in another 10 minutes. So, it's rather better to leave all by myself than to have to be ousted forcefully (yeah, they really do that too, can you believe it?). Again got classes all day tomorrow. Still, plan to bunk a few! Let's see how things turn up. One thing's for sure, I'm not gonna take a moment's rest until I can get page back up, again! Yeah, you might think I'm too stubborn, but NO, I'm rather passionate about my blogs and my little space in BlogSpot. I'm not ready to surrender and disappear in the oblivion so easily and so soon. I'm gonna hit back in the world wide web, & this time, it's gonna be much much better, I swear. ;-)

Cheers & have fun...!!

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