Destiny makes me a laughing stock

Life always finds unusual ways of mocking at me. Ohkay, it's true I haven't written a single word for the past week or so. But the punishment I got 'coz of that...oh boy! Had opened my Blogger account today evening just to sort out a few indentations and to add a few links in my list. I had spent hours trying to sort out my page. Check out my post Cool Site... to see how my page used to look before. I'd almost gotten it all sorted out for at least next 6 months to come. And oh boy, just after I had edited the Template and clicked on Save, the damn lights went off. And then afterwards when I loaded my page, all my goddamn entries were gone!! Trust me, if I had a weak heart, I'm sure I'd have to visit the Doc for sure.

Well anyways, someone had said, "Whatever happens, happens for the good." Even I'll try to extract some good out of this catastrophe and shall spruce up my blogs with a new & sleeker look in a day or two to come. Till then, please bear with me :-p.

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