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I must say, I'm falling in Love with Blogger. Here's a screenshot !! I've been tweaking this page for the past hour or so. I feel blessed that I know at least as much HTML required to make this site unique and presentable but yet not to lose it's identity and purpose. Must say, I never got so many tweaking options in Yahoo! I'm still an amateur here 'coz I'll need to know how to post pictures in the sidebar, wanna post a counter and also put my yahoo! status button in my page. I'm still working for it. Hope to get them up in a day or two. And I also hope you do come back to check what's new in my page.

However, I'd really appreciate if you could help me out with how to use Java Applets in BlogSpot and would also like to know if you've got any suggestions for me, as well.

That is it for now. Have Fun and keep rocking! Cheers !!

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