Finally almost all my tools are up now.

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See how happy I am? Well...finally I figured out how to put My Yahoo! Bar on the sidebar and also incorporated a counter. I must thank my friend Jeremiah for telling me about Imageshack. It's a great site to host images in. Almost each and every image you may find in this page of mine have been hosted in Imageshack. Can't even now remember how many pics I've uploaded out there - must be hundreds ;-)

Well, one thing that I'd like to see in Blogger is a tool to search other people's blogs too using certain keywords or interests. I don't know, maybe the feature's already available out there somewhere, it's just me who's a dumb-ass and can't find it! Anyways, on the whole, I'd say Blogger gave me much much more satisfaction than Yahoo! 360°. Keep rocking, guys...!!

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