It's gonna be an aweful day, it seems

Well, I don't know what's been happening to me. Maybe it's weather change, maybe it's 'coz of the water here in college, or maybe it's just my own negligence...last night was so damn aweful. Had pains all over in my body, nose was running severely, had a temple splitting headache, eyes were watering like a fall, the whole goddamn body was shivering, was sweating buckets all day. Was feeling so feverish and yet, didn't go to sleep till around 1 in the morning. Just couldn't sleep...had so many things going on in my mind. Just couldn't close my eyes and retire into trance. Well, as any other normal human being does, popped in a few tablets before I went off to sleep. In the morning, though the pain's gone and the fever too came down quite a bit, still the cold persists, shiverings still there, don't feel like doing a thing. Had just one lecture today of Maths at 9 in the morn, bunked even that and came over to the college's Computer Centre so that I could cool myself off a bit in the AC. Was supposed to visit the Doc today, don't feel like doing even that. It feels if I even leave my chair, I'm gonna fall apart in pieces. Boy, it's the just start of a new rigorous day...dunno how I'm gonna fare the rest of the hours.

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