Perils of bathing when you stay in a Hostel...

Boy, oh Boy! I think it was for the better that I didn't use to take my bath as regularly as any sane guy should. I mean, c' had been just a few days that I'd started to get myself watered & soaped and voila! Just one day I forget to collect my shampoo & oil and the very next day I find it lost. And to top my woes, my neighbor tells me that he did spot a Garnier Fructis (yeah, that's the brand of shampoo I use) bottle and an oil one too, but didn't take it 'coz he thought whosoever that belonged, would come back to collect. How I wish he wasn't so virtuous! Well, now I have a very good mind to go back to my normal bathing routine, around twice or thrice a week, max. At least that ways, I'd always remember to collect my stuffs after I dry myself!!

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