Not feeling all that great !!

Dunno what's happened to me...don't feel like doing a thing except hitting the sack. Trust me, have never been so damn lethargic all my life. Even last night, slept off at around 9 at night & woke up straight at 8:30 in the morn (baring a wake up stint of half an hour in the early morning hours). Boy, even now, all I want is a bed to lie on! Almost each and every bone in my body is aching, head's spinning, eyelids drroping, as if pounds of weight have been suspended on them...!!

Called up my girlfriend. She too was worried a lot about my health. And moreover, things haven't been going all too smooth between me & my folks. Am seriously outta cash too. Have to make up some cock & bull story back home for the extra money I've spent this month. Wish I'd been working some place now. Really needed some money now.

Ohkay, enough of cribbing. I guess I myself am the one to be blamed. Shouldn't have been too careless of my money. Anyways, exams are coming on. Gotta study well for them. Didn't score really great CGPA last sem. Have to make it up this time. Just pray for me, guys!

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