Enough is Enough...!!!

Two reasons for this title...first that this is probably the nth time that I started a blog....and thankfully till now the comp has not crashed...!!! And secondly - I'll talk about that part a li'l later.

Lemme atleast tell you who I am...I am Sakshi.. and my dear guy Shayon has invited me to be a guest blogger on his page...!!! Its not that I dont blog...I blog on Yahoo 360° but not here..!!!

Now for the second reason that I left for later - About one and a half week back mayhem struck the city of stars, when seven blasts rocked the city. The next day the entire nation stood united and applauded the "Spirit of Mumbai". I was one of them till I got to know that it were only those who were hardly affected by the blasts who stepped into the local trains the next day... ofcourse there were others also but you could see the fear in their eyes...nobody trusted anybody...!!!

Over years Mumbai has seen alot.. and its extremely commendable that through all its thick and thins, it stood out...and braved it all. The 1993 blasts, then the rain and the floods, the 7/11, everything... but now its enough... why are the innocent people being targeted...???

Mumbai has had enough, and that is what is the voice of evey mumbaikar... they are tired of having to face threats to move with a fear of life...Its high time they say that the entire nation should stand against slaughtering of innocent people in the name of politics...

Being a delhiite, I can easily shun the topic... but being an Indian.. I can't overlook the trauma and the pain that the people are suffering... I urge all people to stand united against the powers that are terrorising the country beyond limit.. its high time that we became Indians ... and not Hindus or Muslims or any other section, whatsoever...

'Coz tomorrow it could be you or me... the next victim of the world of terror... Truely - Enough is Enough...!!!

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2 Thoughts:


Friday, August 04, 2006 10:23:00 PM

hi Sakshi.. read a lot abt u on this blog earlier.. even visited r blog once.. long time back. Anyway, being a mumbaikar i can tell u one thing abt the blasts. Its not true that the ones on the trains the next day were the ones not affected. It was due to sheer luck tht i was not on my normal 6:05 train from churchgate that day, but was at Matunga station when it rocked. I saw the bloodshed with my own eyes, and dismangled limbs. The rest, had someone or the other they knew who died or got injured heavily in the blasts. People got back on thier feet so quick because the next day mattered. And about taking the torture every time again n again, we r resigned to it. All we can do is fight thru words, blogs and articles. Check out the Mumbai Metblogs site and u'll realize wht i'm talking abt.
And thanks for your concern and support. It matters.


Friday, August 04, 2006 11:52:00 PM

hey... i am sure u know that my guy is a mumbaikar to the core.. and to be really honest.. i had been just 3 months old wen i stepped in mumbai for the first time.. and after that mumbai has become my home literally.
I know what you are talking about.. but you know wat pragni-we can actually do alot.. we are in a democracy afterall...if we just forget caste politics for once.. and exercise or rights and also perform our duties.. who would stop us from becoming strong.. you know what matters the most- Us our thinking and attitude..!!
Thanks for appreciating the blog..!!