New Sensation in the Block

Hmm...I know, it's out of ordinary! Normally the guests of honor are introduced before they actually take the podium and wash the audience away with the waves of their words! Well actually, it's becoming increasingly difficult for me to keep my page updated, these days.

And moreover, although it's me who actually roped in Sakshi into the blogosphere, I found that she's starting to excel a lot above my expectations. The kinda insight and emotion she'd started to pour into her posts, I couldn't help but get in awe with them. Well, her last post about the mayhem in Mumbai moved me so much that I finally decided to request her to write in my page as well, whenever she feels like! I'm so very much thankful to her that she took up the offer quite readily and lo, she even writes a post in a day! So guys, I urge you to please welcome Sakshi to BlogSpot where, I am sure, she's gonna be very popular! Love you all...and keep Peace!!!

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