Give it all a break.. please...!!!

"Nahin... aisa nahin ho sakta hai..."

"Main... uske khandaan ko barbaad kar doongi...."

That is a part of the daily dosage of high family drama that comes in the Television, 7 days a week.. and 24 most of the channels. And just incase you have missed an episode, dont worry.. now you even have hotlines on which you can call and know what happened in your beloved serial.

I would rather like to call em "Serial Killers".... absolutely... killing every reason and logic that can ever exist in this world.

I am a too be lawyer and my father is a lawyer.. and as far as I have seen, divorces are neither so easily filed nor so easily disposed. Yes.. even with the speedy judiciary. I just wonder, that how easily.. divorces are given and how easily marriages happen. Oh... and that too not second or third.. but nth marriage....!!!

These serials were meant to be a sourse of our entertainment and catering to family audiences... but what exactly are we putting across the children who are exposed to the likes of Tulsi, Parvati... Saloni???

That in a world where there is cut throat competation... we should be so good... that be it murder... rape.. extrotion... if the motive was good... then you'll simply get away with them.

Imagine leaping twenty years.. and in some cases fourty years but there is no change in the society.. the thinking and above change in hair colour or the health of the grandmother.. or the great grand mother. When did age defy the rules of nature.... even with botox??

Where in the Indian society.. do we find that getting married so many times is allowed?? Extra marital affairs being sanctioned by the people.. and illegitimate children being bought up with the legitimate ones???

I agree that there are villages that might have redundant norms and value systems.. but today in the 21st century with education.. and exposure... do people follow these decayed norms??? Where are girls considered as backward.... and where do you find girls getting rejected because their skin colour is dark???

Gimme a break... this is the crap.. that we are watching everyday.. unfortunately....I too have to watch... as the T.V. has to be complied to with my grand ma's need....who btw.... aged with time beautifully.....

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