Pravah '07

So, the ball finally starts rolling! The machinery behind our college's first ever technical festival, Pravah '07, has finally been oiled & all set to shift gear. People have started to brainstorm, planning out how to sell ideas to the top echelons of the most coveted companies. We even plan to organize seminars, so as to train the uninitiated how to talk, sell and bargain. Just chalked out the names of the expected events, last night. Damn, had been awake till 7:30 am & then again wake up at 9:45 am to get ready and attend classes. After this, I gotta prepare a powerpoint presentation which the sponsorship guys gotta carry to companies. Even need to arrange for a film festival. Phew! Quite a lot to work on, isn't it?

Oh, I almost forgot, Pravah '07 is slated to be held on 29th - 31st March, '07. As for the events, I shall be listing them down once I get the ppt presentations done. For now, I've got loads on my hands. And to top this all, there're my classes, Warcraft sessions and of course, gotta spend some quality time with my girlfriend as well!

We've been brainstorming about something for quite some time now. What after Pravah? I mean, the fest in itself is no big deal. However, do we just keep it at that? I had been wondering if we could print up something like a magazine, reporting the whole event, showcasing award winning projects and even a vote of thanks towards the organizers. People say, the cost's gonna soar then. Rather, people suggest that we conceptualize everything digitally & distribute as a pdf file. However, the majority of the crowd deems it unnecessary. What about you? What do you folks do when the tech fest in your college gets over?

So, as you can see, there are quite a few things that need to be thought upon. Ain't too sure how things are gonna materialize at the end, but I'll sure as hell try to give out my personal best. As for the rest, let's leave it all to the Devil!!

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