Its a BIG bad (cyber)World....

Rape.. Murder... theft.. robbery.... these are crimes that we have come face to face with.. in our everyday lives. If not in any personal incident then thanks to the increasing media coverage the newspapers provide for the same.

How often have we remarked... ufff.. how mean is this world.. and I wish that the dreaded criminal is cuaght soon. But what if there is no trail that is left by the criminal... what if despite you being in the possession of the the valuable item, still lose it...??? These face less crimes are happening even now as I type this... crimes which happen in the world of www.

There are two theives in the world- The smart and the dumb. A dumb theif would get caught and a smart one gets away with it. A criminal in the world of cybernetics is the smarter version of his dumb associate who may take away tangible objects worth crores but wil get caught. This is what my prof told to us in our introductry class of Cyber laws and crimes.

3042000000000 this is the number that is associated with the amout of cyber crimes that have happened.. and 20% of this volume is handled by India alone. Business worth crores has been damaged due these white collered crimes, which ofcourse include the much hyped hacking, espionage, logic bombs and yeah pornography. Just a few to name. The greatness of these crimes is the faceless criminals and the lack of boundary.

When we talk of the internet.... we talk of limitless boundries... Internet knows the concept of possession but unfortunately it doesnt comply with the rule of ownership. Nobody owns the internet as of now.. yeah the governments do have a lil control over it.

Today sitting at my home in India, I access servers all over the world.... every day when I open yahoo i am accessing a server sitting in the US of A. I am not restricted and neither are you. But these limitless boundries, this freedom has given rise to the crimes in the virtual world, where no regulations can work...

Today going down the street, if offered a original apple iPOD for free, my common sense would refrain it for taking it, but this same commonsense goes down the drain when it comes to the world of the internet. Every time u or me download anything- movies/videos/songs for free... we are downloading with them viruses unknown to us,to our naked eyes.. and unfortunately there is no dettol soap to kill these deadly viruses.

My prof, made a very chilling prediction and it said- that by 2009 all the news papers every day would carry front page news of cyber crimes.

And all I'll say to this is- Be scared.. very scared... and Be very careful.

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