A Day in My life....

For a girl travelling in the local buses.. across the borders (state borders).. what's new??? Well it so happens that the girl is me.. and I stay in the Rape Capital.

New Delhi, apart from being the the capital of our nation, its earned the nicke of being the rape capital as well... and its true to its name. I am sure that there are people who follow the news of the rapes happening here....

I go to a law college in Ghaziabad, that is a travel time of appx 1.5 hours one way. And that too in the public transport. Its been almost two years now that i have to travel from my house to the bus depot n from there I have to travel in an auto.. the phatphatia auto that seats like 10 people. In these two years I have not actaully sat and thought about the travel experiences that I have had. To be really frank, I was so involved in college.. that I never gotto think about it.

But now that I was actually travelling a few days back, on my usual route... I was struck by the reality that damn... how many times have I just ignored the lewd gestures that have been passed on to me.. or how many times have I actaully gotten up from my seat in the bus coz the male bus traveller sitting next to me is trying to squeeze me to the corner.. and trying to act really smart.

This made me wonder that- I am a very ordinary looking girl and these things happen with me... and there are girls much better looking.. I wonder what they go thru. And what do I say about the super frustrated men of the age group of 45+ and who also don't shun... at the thought of touching a young girl who could be of his grand daughters age.... now how bad is that????

Life has never been easy... what a cliched line, na.. but this cliched line goes thru my mind everytime... a person comes in extra close proximity of my body with the dumb excusable expression of bus being tooooo crowded.

But can anything be done about it???

I wonder...just wonder... how much more??? Even after the so called measures that have been taken.... women here still feel unsafe....

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