Colouring my Life- Red,blue and Green...


This holi was very special indeed. In lots of ways which I cant mention but yeah a few I can.... Like for instance, it was the first time that my best friend was hosting a huge bash at her place, and the crowd was there and so was fun atleast for a few. But yeah, atleast it paved a way that we can have smaller parties on our own.....!!!

And it was for the first time that I played holi... n had fun. I am not a Holi person. Every year I celebrate it at my Best friends place and the catch is the amazing food. Ahem.... the only thing that makes me erk is Dirty holi- what with pukka rang and grease and eggs... and one week long ordeal of seeing yourself green pink and getting yourself blue all this while....!!!!

Hmmm.... this time I had two really special people colouring me for holi and I am pink right now. Atleast my hands and feet are. Face too is a lil pink, but then this holi has bought so many colours in my life that I dont mind watching myself going pink in the face.

Holi is celebrated to mark death of unholiness and to mark life.... above all the colours of holi signify health happiness and success. As per the legend amongst the Hindus holi marks the death of evil and winning of good over evil.

But for me- This day marks the birth of happiness and colours in my life and in the life of the people whom I love.

Here is to colours of love , life and happiness....!!! Cheers...!!!

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