Just a Trickle of Memories (read Tears) !!

Every time I start writing a new post, I happen to remember the very first program that Yashwant Kanetkar teaches you to write in C and C++ and the two words that you are supposed to type on the screen, "Hello World". *LoLz*...eons always manage to pass by in between every successive post of mine. I used to feel pretty sad for not being able to make out some quality time and update this dear page of mine. But then, it was a few days back that I visited Pragnya's page and realized that she too had been keeping pretty busy, lately. Well, by now it's a well known fact that she's the one who'd actually gotten me into blogging, though passively. When I learnt that she too hadn't been posting for quite some time now, it eased out my own guilt too, a li'l :-P Okay, am I talking crap out here? I guess, even if I do, I'm pardoned...after all, hasn't it been eons since I last wrote something? I'm just a li'l outta practice :-P.

Well, so many things have happened in my life since the last time I posted a gallery of pics of my visit to Delhi. We had our college cultural fest UTKARSH '07 and for the first time ever, technical fest too, PRAVAH '07. It's been a blast, both the events. Thanks to Dion, I realised I can be a good quiz master too. I was pleasantly surprised when folks came upon to congratulate me for my quizzing in Pravah. Although I didn't manage to win a single prize, this time around...I certainly had a good time. And yeah, apart from the festivals...some of my very dear friends are gonna desert me, this year. It's final year for my ex-batch mates...and hardly 10 days left before they all depart, in quest for the elixir of their lives. Still can't believe it...I mean, I did organise 2 consecutive farewells for these folks...n yet it takes a lot to seep into my system that next year when I return to college, there isn't gonna be no Karma, no Dip, no Rathz, Mann, Gandhi, Rahul, Rai, Raj, Wasulkar, Tiwari, Krrish, Dino, Nattu, Dhar, Suman, Mehul, Ashok...damn it...there isn't gonna be no Top Floor either! There's gonna be no more WarCraft sessions!! No more Dumb-C with Dino or Mehul...no more chit-chats with Rai, Raj n Wasu...no more drink sessions with Vipul...no more sitting under the naked sky, right on the football field....no more lovely college videos from Rathz, no more PJs from Gandhi, no more refreshing smiles from Dino, no more protruding teeth of Chiru, no one left to share cigarettes with, no one left to fight with, none left to spend the nights with! Okay, I'm sorry, I think I got carried away a li'l. I'd promised myself, right since the day this session had started, that I ain't gonna cry...come what may, I'm gonna face the reality the way a man is supposed to.

I bid Adieu...adios to all u folks....n wish that all of you have a great life ahead! Have loadsa fun and enjoy life the best u can. I'll just hope that this fatso manages to stay in ur heart, or at least in ur mind, wherever u r!! Adios...!!

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3 Thoughts:

Rathindra Ranjan Chetia

Friday, May 04, 2007 6:46:00 PM

thanks mate..

will miss u too.its been a lovely time togther.let diz blog b the medium for ur PKPs(pal ke paitre)to reach me..


Saturday, May 05, 2007 8:24:00 PM

dis blog? well...u knw how often i actually pen down sumthin out here...it's jst impossible, staying in college. Neways...i hope at least this "keeping in tuch" will work as an impetus for me to update this space more regularly.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007 12:25:00 PM

Don't woory dde..lemme acquire a pc then we shall meet in net.Nywayz u gonna hve audi,vikram and vishruth keep u busy !!!
But yes gonna miss u a hell lot more than nyone in the college i guess!! last few dayz were not exactly very endearing coz i seldom saw in flesh and blood and u do know what a reluctant caller I am.Nywayz keep in touch.