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It seems us bloggers are finally getting recognised. Blogging is finally coming of age. I'm sure you must have heard a lot about bloggers earning simply by posting on their or others' pages or by advertising extensively. What more? Bloggers are also proposing to form unions for themselves! Yes, you read that right. News all around the internet is abuzz with the discussion of whether bloggers should need to form an union or not. "In a world as diverse, vocal and unwieldy as the blogosphere, there's no consensus about what type of organization is needed and who should be included. Some argue for a free-standing association for activist bloggers while others suggest a guild open to any blogger -- from knitting fans to video gamers -- that could be created within established labor groups."

Well, to some extent, I'd say that, if not a full fledged union, today's bloggers do need some security. Today, there are people who blog for their companies, their products. There are bloggers who are as passionate about their blog pages as in the work they do for their companies. I myself have been up all night, innumerable times, just to frame up a great post or probably trying to give more exposure for my page. There are times when I'm online 7-8 hours, at a stretch, working on my blog. Well, here I just maintain a personal blog (although I'm planning to shift the realm towards tech blogging) but think about those who give up all of their days and nights just to dish out the latest happenings to their readers. It's true that blogging gets recognized these days. It's my blog that got my name printed in a newspaper for the first time ever (well, actually second time. I'd rather prefer to forget about the first occurence). Of course, I should never deny Sakshi's help,. It was precisely her post that earned me all the review.

Okay, I got deviated from the topic I know. Anyways, what do you say? Should there be a proposed Union for the bloggers or is it just another soon-to-die fad? Afterall, it's us bloggers who can make all the difference!

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2 Thoughts:


Thursday, August 09, 2007 6:39:00 PM

Thanks for the recoginition...!!! I think that Internet has broken all the boundries, and most of what its the people who rationalise and think... are bloggers. The movements that they stir.... well...for their max impact... union is a great idea. But then not to forget the junkies who use net for all the wrong purposes other than doing some good...!!! So if tht properly things can actually work out.


Thursday, August 09, 2007 8:22:00 PM

"Thanks for the recognition"? What are you thanking me for? for forming unions...I doubt if any and every Blogger, per se, shall be allowed into the guild. I'm sure there's gonna be some industry standards, some specification that every Blogger worth his mettle shall have to take care of. Just because you run a Blog page won't get you counted among the elites. And just as every organisation has tiers...I'm sure even this so called guild that we're talking about, shall categorize Bloggers as per their worth!