A Little Sneak Peek Into Latest Design Of "Shayon's Labyrinth" - Suggestions Expected

Remember my last post on update on the Labyrinth and when I'd informed about increased feed subscribers to this page where I was talking about giving this blog a new look? Well, I wasn't bluffing! The above pic is a new design that Ashwin just suggested that I could implement. Well, as far as I'm concerned, it definitely looks pretty good and futuristic but I'd rather prefer a planar look. I was thinking about joining the lines at the top and make the header look like a paper weight on the page. Or, I was also thinking of just making two sheets of rounded papers, one for the main posts and other for the sidebar and just keeping the header on top of them. If not, then we shall have to remove the gaps that have been created right below the header, in the above pic.

So, what do you say about it? Do you think our ideas are good enough? Or do you too have something to contribute? Do feel free to keep upping the comments count.

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