EntreCard Series - All The Dope About EntreCard

What Is EntreCard All About?

Widgets on the sidebar had never been a new thing for the bloggers. Almost every blog has a MyBlogLog widget or a counter showing where the visitors are from or at least a blogroll. This isn't really an uncharted territory. However, EntreCard has almost revolutionized the widget world. The concept of "dropping" started by EntreCard is already a buzz word. It's a great way to push youg blog that extra mile so very much required by the bloggers, especially the new ones, to reach out to new audiences. Moreover, the idea of creating a "visiting card" also sounds pretty cool.

How Does EntreCard Work?

This is truly a little tricky part. However, if you can get through this little detail, life's so much fun in the EntreCard world. Here is a complete showdown on how EntreCard works.
  • After you get yourself registered into the website, you end up in a dashboard with a few nuggets of information served to you. the most important part out there is the amount of EntreCredits you possess. Yes, you start off with zero but don't you worry, it's really easy to rake up millions of credits, provided you be patient and have unlimited download limit :-P (I know I'm getting you scared. All I pray is kindly read this article through.)
  • EntreCredits are nothing but the currency in the EntreWorld where all transactions, be it advertising on a page, leasing out ad space on your blog or even buying services from a very interesting shop, happen in terms of the same.
  • After you register, EntreCard provides you with the code to a little widget that you can publish in your blog.
  • Now, here is the dope. This widget that you install is the portal where other bloggers from EntreCard shall advertise in your blog, in exchange of EntreCredits.
  • Similarly, you too can buy ad space in others' blog page by leasing out the real estate in exchange of EntreCredits.
  • As you can see, this is a great way to publicize your blog without the need to actually shell out any dough. This is almost like the age ol' "link exchange" but more fun and if you are lucky, you just might end up advertising on ProBlogger for as low as 200 EntreCredits :-P
  • Now, here's the catch. You can advertise on others' widgets for only one day, rather 24 hours. After 24 hours, you shall have to make way for other publishers. Of course, you can again advertise on the page, but never more than 24 hours at a stretch.
  • Moreover, after you apply for advertisement on a certain page, the admin of that page has to approve your request before your ad actually starts showing up on the page.
  • For advetising, you are expected to provide for a 125x125 card which is known as the "visiting card" for your blog.
  • Moreover, you can even visit other blogs that have the EntreCard widget and click on "Drop Yours" which is a portal through which your drop your card, letting the person know that you'd visited his site. More often than not, he/she shall definitely give you a visit back.
  • Every time you "drop" your card, both you and the page holder, where you "drop" your card, get 1 EntreCredits.
  • What more, EntreCard community has been growing at a huge rate and it already boasts of over half a million users. So, you got a lot of blogs to advertise on, all for free (for EntreCredits, actually).

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