Labyrinth Spammed!!

Huh? The very first time I think of posting something this year and this is how Blogger greets me, with a word verification setup that I need to type to be able to post on my own blog! This is preposterous! I have been maintaining this blog for almost 3 years now and finally, one fine day, Blogger dismisses me off as a spammer. After I clicked the little question mark (that's so characteristic of Blogger), the following is what I get to read.

Although I did fill out the form and asked the Blogger guys to review my blog, I got curious and checked out their page on spam protection. It says they consider blogs that keep referring to the same page everywhere (link spamming) as spam and that is it! That is the only category they've specified. I still just can't understand how could they classify Shayon's Labyrinth as a spam blog. Do you have any suggestions?

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