The Ugly Mentality of the Indian Male...

A man is a man... he is the one who sustains the family.... why... because he earns a living.... just because he has an office to attend in the morning... does that make him the king of the world....??

Living in the 21st century and being a girl is the toughest thing that I have ever done. Trust me, its tougher being a girl in the world that we are living today. The man gets all the freedom... and the girl, none. If she drinks, she parties or hangs out with friends...she's labeled "bad". You think that this's all figments of my imagination??? Well... how about checking out the Hindustan Times' 6th January issue, where in a survey they found that the Indian male is a hypocrite and would never accept the women as his equal. The survey shows the ugly mentality that the male possesses today. Even though it's the new world... the Indian male would never shy away from making a lewd remark at a girl who is wearing so called provocative clothes... and as if that is not all... if eve teasing is done... and the man is questioned why.... then he simply answers that it was all her fault... why should she be wearing provocative clothes...or drinking or smoking....?? Isn't that against our ethics and morals....?? I say, isn't it against our same morals that a man also doesn't smoke or drink... then why is the man of the house allowed so....??

If only shall our counterparts ever accept the fact that they alone can't run the world...will they ever realise that a woman is as much part of this world and society as they are... and they have as much right to party.... to do what they want.... what truely is needed is sensitising the mentality of the Indian male...who just thinks that woman is nothing but a toy to be played with and thrown in a corner....!!!

I completely agree with what Annie Zaidi, at Blank Noise, Says--

I will not accept.....

I will not stop buying 'provocative' clothes. I will not be modest. I will not behave. I will not treat night as namehram I cannot be seen with. I will not change my stride to side-step the maps of our molestation. I will not call a Violation by another name. I will not make unwanted rules for myself. I will crush the beast where I see it. With a stare, with a slur, with a scream, with a camera.... I will take my rights as a citizen and nothing less.

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