Subscribers' Count For Any Website - A GreseMonkey Script

Google Operating System reported a real neat GreaseMonkey Script that you could use with your FireFox browser. This certain script allows you to view the number of Google subscribers who have subscribed to any certian site's feed. This information, kind of, gives you an idea about the popularity of that page and if you too happen to like it, all you need to do is click on the link and subscribe to its feeds.

For more detailed information and an accompanying screenshot, check out this post titled "Counter for a Site's Google Subscribers".

By the way, I am really sorry for not being able to post the second installment of "What They Taught Me" series because of the internet connection outage in Jamshedpur (that's the city in India where I blog from). Since I take an off on Sundays, I shall surely come up with the next installment by Monday. Sorry again.

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