WHAT THEY TAUGHT ME (#1) - Saphrym, Sam Freedom & Rashmi Bansal

They tell me that I am a great story teller. They also ask me to come up with an autobiography one day. And I wonder. I wonder why. I wonder why would someone ever wish to read about me. I wonder why would someone ever wish to know me. I wonder, unless I have a story to tell. And again, they tell me that I am a great story teller.

I have been a part of the blogosphere for almost 3 years. 3 years is a long time, I know. In these 3 years, there have been a hell lot many people who taught me the art of blogging, both actively and passively. This "What They Taught Me" series is a tribute to all my "teachers" who've shaped me as a blogger and more importantly, as a writer. I am sharing my "lessons" from 10 of my best teachers in the field so that it helps you too to learn & flourish.

What Saphrym (Michael White) Taught Me -

Saphrym.com (Michael White)
  • I have always been hearing people about writing on a certain genre, never to falter out of the niche that you carve for yourself. This always made my gray cells function at full speed, trying to decide on a "niche" for myself, but always unsuccessful. Then, I suddenly stumbled on to Saphrym where Mr. White maintains an online weight loss diary.

    I used to wonder why would someone ever wish to follow Mr. White's weight loss program? But then when I learnt about his popularity, realization hit me like a brick! I realized that there are a lot many people out there who could identify themselves with Saphrym & would share their concerns, tips & tricks with him. Thus, Saphrym had carved a unique "niche" for itself.

    Lesson Learnt : "Niche" Markets Do Exist.

  • With the exclusive genre that he writes in, it is amazing to find the detail and passion with which Mr. White expresses out. Although I am just a tad overweight, I'd never felt the urge to actively start losing it. But 5 minutes in Saphrym that he actually makes you want to get lean, mean & live healthy. Such is his aura!

    Lesson Learnt : Content Is King.

  • Mr. White writes a section in his blog titled "The Daily Read" where he spreads the link love and reviews posts around the blogosphere that are worthy enough. All one needs to do is be a member of EntreCard and shoot him an email with a link to the post that Mr. White is expected to review

    Lesson Learnt : Reach Out To Your Peers.

What Sam Freedom Taught Me -

Controversy Blog (Sam Freedom)
  • The very title of his blog "Sam freedom's Internet Marketing Controversy Blog" speaks out volume of his character. Here's this man who definitely writes well and also provides pretty thoughtful insights into posts and ideas. But the blood in his vein is, plain & simple, controversy. Yes, Sam Freedom thrives on controversies. Check out almost any post where he's commented and you shall know what I am talking about. I'm afraid to admit that probably Sam Freedom has actually built up a "controversy niche" for himself and his followers. But never the less, as they say, "All's Well That Ends Well". If that kinda marketing makes his blog and popularity (or should I call it notoriety?) tick, then why not?

    Lesson Learnt : Dare To Be Different & There's A Whole New World Waiting To Embrace You.

  • These days, especially after the advent of EntreCard and Project Wonderful, I can hardly see any block of advertising that has not been already occupied by Sam Freedom. Look around and the very characteristic old man in the American flag is everywhere. He's probably buying his way out to popularity, but then again, what the heck if that makes his blog tick?

    Lesson Learnt : Never lose focus and exposure.

  • If you check out Sam's blog, you shall find ample pictures of wannabe women trying to woo your eyeballs. First time, I kind of doubled back. But then onwards, I rather enjoyed the attention. Who cares even if it was from just pretty images?

    Lesson Learnt : Even If You Don't Have Great Content, Wrapping It Up In A Pretty Looking Paper Just Might Be Able To Sell It.

What Rashmi Bansal Taught Me -

  • I am an engineering student and it is customary in India to get into a job or pursue higher studies after you complete your undergraduate degree. Unfortunately, I am not cut out for a normal 9-5 job and neither am I interested to pursue my GMAT in the next 2 years, at the minimum. I had been worrying like hell of what to do in future when I read these entrepreneurship stories of 4 young Indian men, Prakash Mundhra, Vibhor Agarwal, Ashwini Rathod & Vinamra Pandiya. These stories helped in reinstating the belief in myself and now, here I am, daring the world.

    Lesson Learnt : Entrepreneurship Is The Need Of The Hour. All One Needs Is Zeal & Guts.

  • Rashmi has always been helping out people, be it for writing in JAM, a youth magazine she edits; be it running a Job Board; or be it running for a cause.

    Lesson Learnt : There's Always Someone Out There To Support You. All You Need To Do Is Ask For A Hand.

Well, I hope you liked my theses and if you still haven't subscribed to my RSS feeds, do so immediately as tomorrow, I plan to write about Madhur Kapoor, Sakshi & RamKarthik.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008 11:51:00 PM

Your conclusions really inspired me! Great post and experiences.

Sam Freedom

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 8:52:00 AM

I know its 9 months later, sorry I never saw this but I'm here now and both thanking you and encouraging you to keep up the great work.

Just a little something each day to stay in shape. ;)

Best wishes,
Sam Freedom