Bill Gates- 'Logs out'... Inflation Logs in at 11.25%

What is Friday?

Its the last day of the work week. And, its the first day of the weekend that is impending. If it falls on the date 13th, its called unlucky. Otherwise, its the 27th day of the sixth month of 2008, when one of the ledgends of 20th century spends his last day in the worlds largest computer company Microsoft... and the Indian Stock Market crashes a whooping 600 points to increase inflation by 11.25%.

Not your average Friday. Seems more like a roundup of Monday morning news.

A 19 year old teenager in the year 1975, gets inspired by a model of comp... and decides to quit Harvard, one year before graduation. Instead starts writing codes with his partner and mentor, whose name I forgot.
Together they lay foundation for a company that changed the way a common man works on the computer. Today, the first thing that we see in the morning is our computer screens. On it we see a logo which has a window made on it. And everything is microsoft.

So, at the age of 52, Mr. Gates is taking retirement. Ofcourse being the whole soul of microsoft, he cant take total retirement but I sure envy him to be relaxing at the age of 52 when my dad has to slog it out. Just kidding.
Lets just hope that, Microsoft keeps up the good work. And remains and idol for all those who dare to dream beyond the ordinary.

Ok, the most depressing part of the whole thing is that though I dont think that its inter related, the markets took a hit and dropped lots of points to increase the burden at the common man. The news of inflation is going along with the weather. Its hot n humid, even if you dont want... you have to sweat.
Lets hope that, Monday morning brings with it better bits of news.

All this depressing weather n news casts have actually gotten me ill. Literally. Lets hope I along with the stock markets become stable.

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