And the Deal will come through...Finally...!!!

I have never watched so much T.V. .... especially the continuous coverage of politics for almost 8 straight hours...

But I think that the effort was worth the satisfaction that most of the people got. Ofcourse as promised the trust vote was everything that a hit movie can be... there was action there was drama and finally the satisfaction.

But the drama that was carried out by the BJP MP's made us a laughing stock of the world... but alas, in politics the who thing about national interest died with the leaders who died after the independence.

The stars of the grand finale were Rahul Gandhi and Omar Abdullah. Where Rahul Gandhi's speech talked about the plight of the poor and how the energy security is going to help the poor.. his speech also reminded me of the politicians who really believed that they can make a difference. He in his speech said "A powerful nation thinks about how it will impact the world and a not so powerful country think about how the world will impact it. However, it does not matter which government runs the country, what matters is how we think about our position in the world."

He further talked about how the Indian population is 70% of youth and that infrastructural growth will help the youth. Also he emphasised on the point that the everybody regardless of the political party they belong should build the nation together.

On the other hand Omar Abdullah, talking on behalf of the Muslims said that, Its not the nuclear deal that is against the Muslims its poverty, hunger that are against the Muslims. He went on to further add that he is not a part of the UPA but he is not averse to the deal because he understands that its in the interest of the nation.

Admist, all these impressive speeches, Lalu Prasad Yadav added the fun element in the House. His speech spared no one...from commenting on the rift between the left to the fact that the BJP is not really against the deal but wants it happening when they are in power. Not sparing Mayawati also, he said that all of them including himself want to be the PM, but he is in no hurry unlike the others.

The drama took a drastic turn when one and a half hours before the PM was to address, BJP MP's threw bundles of notes on the floor of the house claiming horse trading. Then demanding resignation of the PM on moral grounds.

Later, when the PM was to address, he was not allowed to do so. So, he submitted his speech in written to the speaker. Never before in the past four years, have we seen our PM making such remarks. He lashed at the opposition like never before and for the opposition leader Mr. Advani he said " In his ripe old age, I don't expect Mr Advani to change his thinking. But for his sake and for the sake of this country, he should atleast change his astrologers, who can be more accurate"

And finally after 8 the UPA government won 275 votes in the parliament.
The first reaction by Nichols Of CPI was that the nuclear deal was not such a big issue. Its hypocritical and the entire nation is laughing at the left for making a fool out of themselves and making the country go through terrible times.

Now that the Trust vote is over and the Nuclear deal is going to come through...lets hope that the country gets what it was promised.

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