Long time...!!! Sheesh...!!!

No, I have not abandoned blogging...!!! As a matter of fact I even started writing a post on the 15th of August, but apparently, the whole long weekend thingy stalled it. Nevertheless, I am back.

Its ust been busy weeks. The internship ofcourse is the one that is keeping me busy, but other than that, I have lately been writing on The Wall Mag. That is because I have become a member there.

Ans since nothing that interesting has been happening... coz, the usual political honchos are fighting with each other to grab power..and despite the crude losing some fire... the inflation is not ceasing to ebb... It was a pretty depressing range of topics to write on.

Today, I just dropped in to say a Hi...!!! But I promise to come up with a post very soon...!!!


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Friday, September 05, 2008 5:50:00 AM

Glad to see your back....sometimes you just need to take a break..

Dorothy from grammology