Feeling the heat- Kashmir, Nuke Deal, and the Markets,While we welcome another Blogger on Board...!!!

Firstly, I would like to take the oppurtunity to welcome another friend of Shayon n Mine to our world of blogging. Souvik. It seems that it has become a tradition sorts of introducing co-contributors after their first post. You read about his views on the Kashmir issue. Hopefully we will get more insights into his thoughts on more such sensitive issues.

Now, that we are done with that, in continuation with Souvik's post on Kashmir... here is an update. The Hindu's i.e opposition party BJP along with VHP, called an All India Bandh today. Though Delhi is not feeling much of heat as of now (another reason could be I haven't been outside) but the areas which are sensitive to communal voilence have been hit badly. Mumbai, Agra and ofcourse Jammu had voilent protests that affected the public transport in the cities and brought them to an halt.
My question now is to all the leaders who claim that they people's leaders- Creating communal tension, doing voilent protests...what kind of an example are they portraying to the people...arent they harming the people.... in doing so???
I hope that the court intervenes, else, there could be another Godhra in the making.
Amist all these protests by the various hindu sects, Narendra Modi it seems is belting out a secular card viewing the Lok Sabha polls, that are coming into view.

The Nuke deal too has again been treading shaky grounds. Mulayam Singh's announcement...is going to make the government stable and get the deal thru...or its going to cause more of a problem as they it seems that they are ready to put forward a lot of demands which include sacking of the current Finance Minister, Governor of RBI and our US envoy, Ronen Sen.
Its a wait and watch situation again. The lft has been giving a statement saying that there are more important issues than the Nuke deal.
Also another question that is hovering over current UPA government is- If the deal is more important than stability of the government...!!!!
This is obviously a fundamental question and therefore more meetings would follow... all eyes on the coming few weeks...

Though, what I feel, is that the government should somehow push the deal through, because the direct impact of it all is on our economy. Though, Mulayam Singh and SP are not a great idea of friends... I fear that a few months or rather a few days also with such a corrupt man would shake whatever good the Congress led UPA has done for the past few years.

The direct impact of the nuke deal as predicted was felt by the markets, the first gain by the markets happened yesterday. The market closed 703 points to remain above 13000 points. But, the shakiness continued today as the market again dropped by 500 points at the time of closing. The trend of losses is going to continue... as per experts till infosys come out with the numbers this 15th of July. The major factor that has been sighted by the experts is the rising crude oil prices which were last heard priced at $146 per barrel. The political indecisions are also the main concerns with the market. So as per the expert advise, wait and watch... and do not invest till about 15th of this month.

June was hailed as the coolest month as per weather reports, July, sure had a heated start... I hope the met department is predicting some relief in all the areas...!!!

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3 Thoughts:

Devindar Singh

Friday, July 04, 2008 7:53:00 AM

Dear Shayon, First of all - Very Happy Birthday to YOU (even though 2 days earlier!). I read through your Blog after sometime. How much I agree with your thoughts - right from the 1st day, that was about 2 months ago. You have covered the most important issues that our "Leaders" should ponder about - with a hand on their hearts - I mean listening to their conscience. Congratulations. Bravo! Keep Blogging. Thanks to You & Dearie Sakshi.


Friday, July 04, 2008 11:15:00 AM

Hi Devindar,
Thanks for appriciating the content on the blog. I had started thinking that no one really cares about our country going in dumps...!!! Hope to have your continued patronage and inputs...!!!

Devindar Singh

Friday, July 04, 2008 7:01:00 PM

Thanks Ms.Sakshi Chopra. Sayantan Pal had introduced you to me.
I shall remember to greet you on fifth September, every year.
My blessings. Keep Blogging. Be in occasional touch!