The Political Divorce: Congress-Left Split, as PM pushes hard on the Nuke Deal...Indian Embassy In Kabul Bombed...

The reach of terrorism is huge.
There are certain dates in the history which leave a souir taste in your mouth when you remember them. Seven years back when America was attacked, Terrorism of which we had heard only in Kashmir became global. There after, no year has gone by when major attacks by the religious fanatics have left us thinking- That how can one human kill another...? July 7th marks another such date. Indian Embassy in Kabul was bombed and we lost four of our citizens... Its a shame that anyways a dumb minority called the politicians is ruling us... even worst is that fact that a minority is bombing us to death...and we the people of the world which are maybe 10 times of what either of them together or alone... can make no difference... So what do we await... killed by bogus political adgendas...or fanantics who see nothing above their own needs and wants.

The Left, finally left. After about an year of traeding on the soft ground and giving various deadlines, The CPI(M) lead by Mr. Karat, finalised the divorce with their four year long allies Congress. The major rift was because of the Nuclear Deal. Last year when this deal was put forward... there were a lot of news paper articles that were talking about the deal.. .. The whole paper and details are classified information, but I am sure that enough was put forward for the public to understand that, the nuclear deal is strictly for civilian purpose. Today, when I was hearing the news, the channel was taking calls of the viewers live on air. They must have taken about ust three calls in the duration...and all three were pro the deal. Not only that, the various responses that I have come across in the letters to the editor in the leading newspapers, also say that the left is being irrational about the deal and that in national interest, the Left parties should just go along the deal.
I hope that I am not wrong in sensing the pulse of the nation, but I feel that when the entire nation is supporting the deal... especially the educated class..because the educated middle class is the one who faces the crunch all the time... The Left parties should have stuck to the UPA.
Congress and the new allies... Mulayam Singh and Amar Singh are so ready to go for the trust vote... and with BJP facing major ideological defferences with the Left... its going to be hard to topple the government.

From the Nuclear Deal.. this has become a major play for power game - The truest colour of the politicians have suddenly been revealed to the people... I hope the people now will make a wise decision when electing the new government in the next Lok Sabha elections.

One thing that Lalu Prasad Yadav said, made sense... He said- Power is a part of basic infrastructure...and if the power woes of the country are solved, most of the basic infrastructure problems will automatically be solved. What I want to ask the politicians who say that the deal is not in the favour of the country is- That the nuclear deal promises alot of power to our country. Do you have a better idea to produce power that would be effective in not only combationg the power woes but also the environmental woes?
The nuclear power plant will generate the power minus the Carbon Di oxide emission, not only will it help clean the eb=nivironment but maybe give a chance to the earth that is heading for doomsday.

India has seen so many rulers and so many governments... and still there is more drama to come. We have a multiparty system that gives us wide variety of politicians and ideoligies to look into. But, all the ideoligies have become politicised. That is bad. I agree that being a hardliner would not help. The communists tried to do just that in Russia...and their history talks about revolution that shook the palace. There is nothing wrong in wanting to have equality in the society but everything gets wrong... when you put your interests so that you can satisfy your ego above everything else.

The day politics becomes nationalised again... it would mean that India might become the golden bird that once it was.

PS: I found this really interesting article online. Its supposedly Laluji's blog on the Indo US deal. Also when you read it, you'll notice a Vote widget there. Vote and get a few statistics that will tell you about what the junta wants.

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2 Thoughts:

Devindar Singh

Thursday, July 10, 2008 6:03:00 PM

a) Nuclear Deal is in our interest. We should go for it. Leftist parties will pay for their mistake in the next general election.
b) We should stand by the brave Afghans. Tragedies will come when challenges are to be faced.
c) Pakistanis are our brothers. If some of them are misguided, they will realise their mistakes and come back to the right path.
d) Kashmir had been part of India and will remain our part. A limb of our body can't be stolen by anyone in this world.

An excellent article. Keep blogging. I read Lalu's blog also, as referred in the last para of your article; favouring Nuke deal


Thursday, July 10, 2008 8:55:00 PM

That is very well put... please keep coming back for more updates on the political jungle that we have...!!!