A New Menace...

It's 7:30 in the evening.I receive an sms on my mobile. It's from an unknown number. Eager to find out more,I open it. It reads - " Kal Sai Baba ka janamdin tha. Dont ignore this. Send it to 10 other people and...". The usual stuff follows,bidding me to send it to 10 other people. I am promised instant luck if I do so,and never ending misfortunes if I don't. I get furious. Till the other day,this menace was only confined to the internet,in your mailbox, or as an Orkut message. Seeing it creep into my mobile was just too much for me. I instantly shoot back a reply - ' Listen whoever u r. i dnt knw hw u gt my no.i dnt care.Plz dnt ever again send such stupid and useless msgs 2 me lyk d one u jst sent.Thnx.'What was the need to send a reply,one might ask.And why get so furious about it? But there are reasons.I'm sure the person who sent me the message thought that either I would forward it,or just delete it. So 'bhej dete hain...kya jata hai?', he must have felt. But now,he knows that people might,just might,get back to him with protests. So maybe he'll think twice before doing a similar thing in future. I guess I just put in my own little effort to prevent the spread of this menace.
And why did i guess furious? Well,it dates back to around a year ago,when I received a similar mail in my inbox. The contents were at the same time vulgar and remarkable. The message promised me,as usual,good luck if I forwarded it. But if I didn't,and this was the vulgar part,something bad will happen to my dad's health. The one who had forwarded it to me was equally annoyed with the contents,but he did not have the contents to not froward the mail.And therefore he had duly apologised for annoying me. This was remarkable. I had the courage to not only not forward the mail but also delete it instantly. And I feel vindicated today that my dad doing fine all this while.
At the end of all this,i have a request to make to all of you who receive such mails. If you are one who forwards it,please think again. Can the forwarding a mail bring luck to you? Please realise that kuck might favour the brave,but it certainly has got nothing to do with message forwarding. Also, you might be annoying someone by sending such stuff. And if you are one who simply deletes it, please take some time out and reply back to the sender,lodging a protest. You might just be able to dissuade the sender from repeating the act in future. Lets try and put an end to this menace.

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3 Thoughts:


Monday, July 14, 2008 2:22:00 PM

Such mails bring luck to you. Almost everyone hate such mails, but still ppl forward it due 2 reasons. Either they have a strong faith on god or they don't want their life getting messed up for not forwarding it.

If your friends are behind this menace, simply tell them to stop this.


Monday, July 14, 2008 5:17:00 PM

Faith is absolutely agreeable. There is nothing wong in having faith. But to misuse ones faith by way of sending forwarded mail or the messages that promise luck in love life etc is mean. Souvik, I too got this message about my mom/dad's health. The message ends saying that even the sender could not ignore it. That message jolted me...and I was really angry. Making God responsible for luck or bad luck is a different business but when they started pulling family in... it becomes WORSE. We should stop believing in all these luck related mails. Faith is a matter of personal feelings and one should not make jokes out of it.
Great Post Souvik.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008 4:51:00 PM

thnx... 2 both of u 4 d thots.. Actually,this quite shows the division. Dhruv,u hv every right to believe that such mails bring luck.But the whole point is not to send such mails to people who dont appreciate them.And my frnds wud never dare do such a thing.They wud get a strong protest.