Faith belief and all that....

I was reading the newspaper the other day and I came across a very interesting article. The article talked about how the television soap operas change the choices of the voter.

According to that article when the BJP came into power, it was because it exploited the Hindutva tendencies of the general electorate..and why was that... according to the article that I am refering to, it was because during that Ramayan and Mahabharat were regularly shown on TV and since cable TV was not that popular, doordarshan did the trick.
Now that Ramayan has been revived by the NDTV imagine's creative team and Ekta Kapoor's serial killers are losing TRP's apart from the fact that she herself has started the Mahabharata on her channel 9x... what is the strategy going to be this election...!!!

Well, all I am wondering is that, is it just the serials... the faith is always a key factor in winning of politics. Someone would promise the hindu's this... muslims's that... its all about who wooos who and who appeases who. Its nothing new, that since the day partition happened there has always been a weird kind of undercurrent that flows.

As Vir Sanghvi puts it... elections in India are not about anything but are based purely on emotions. He is right when he says, that no one would understand that Manmohan Singh actually sacrificed his own stable government for the nuclear deal...for National Interest.

Playing upon faith has become a new kind of game for our politicians...and why do they do that because we have encouraged them. We are the ones who are not tolerant to the other persons belief... why are we so insecure of our own faith... that we cannot tolerate the other belief.... the beauty of our country is the colourful foundation that has been laid because of the multi cultural society....the choice actually spoils you. But instead of being proud... we end up fighting and nd up abusing each other....on the basis of Faith.
That gives an oppurtunity to our leaders to divide and rule...and after the elections we are the ones suffering. Remember the partition of bengal in 1905...are our present politicians better than the British...

Faith beliefs...religion...are all a matter of personal choice... they give you a giving you spritualism...and at the same time... none of these teach us to hate the other person because he does not have the same belief as you.

Lets learn to be tolerant towards each other... and be proud of the fact that we belong to a nation where Gods grace us in all forms that they may exist in. Lets learn to live in harmony... and vote for the ones who dont play with our Faith...!!!

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