The Number game.... Countdown to The Vote

As the days turn into a few hours... it seems that the trust vote in the Parliament would be nothing short of a finale that even reality shows and India- Pakistan match can promise. Probably for the first time since the Lok Sabha Channel was launched, will it get TRPs that only one can hope for.

In another 4 days as the entire world, yup, The World will be waiting and watching with the bated breath the grand finale of the Indian Political Scenario, that started a few weeks before. As the D-Day comes closer the equations seems to be changing everyday. The newspapers and the news channels are full of reports and analysis... apart from the usual mudslinging that happens only in Indian politics. ( During the presidential race in USA earlier this year, all the contestants were very dignified towards each other... there were immidiate aplogies after the mudslinging... here its only THE MUDSLINGING).

The number game that started when the left pulled out is still on, as the MP's are playing hard to get..on both the sides. But what is laughable is the fact, that this trust vote thingy is a straight slap on the very kind of Democratic system that we have. I agree, that the clause that if the opposition feels that the majority party has lost the numbers in the house it should go for a trust vote. But isn't that trust vote supposed to be in a secret ballot box... then why the hell are the MP's making statements that they will vote with or against...
Also I cant seem to understand the part whip thingy... I agree that an MP is in the parliament coz of the party... but then there are times when you don not agree to what your party is hinking.. sometimes its best to look above the party politics and think about the national interest... ( but well... its a stupid statement..when do politicians thing that...???) so they should be allowed to vote for what they believe is right for the country and not their party.

The sikh's party in Punjab...would vote against the government because of what wrongs the congress had done to them earlier... helllooooo?? Someone go tell them that the elections are anyways going to happen in less than a year... this time we are talking things above your personal egos...
Same goes for the muslim leaders who are saying that the deal is anti-muslim... alright guys... how about then getting us a pro-muslim deal...and get Afghans and the Pakistan government to agree for the Gas pipline from Iran...well.. and where in the Quran(which is THE source of the Islamic law) is it written that Nuclear power... is anti-muslim... when the Prophet (May his soul rest in Peace) spoke the holy words...there as no science at all... so how did they deduce that the deal is anti-muslim...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My maths has been very poor... and I dont understand the rationale behind the whole politics scenario that has emerged after the death of Nehru. But, I still hope that the educated MP's get their common sense and their intelligence back when they sit in the parliament for voting.

When the international community is making an effort to join hands so that we can save the world..and give people a better world where there are less problem and more solutions... a future where we all can breathe easy.... why do the Indian politicians have to show their ego and nonsensical brains...

Lets hope... that the Idiom- End Defines the means... holds true...!!!

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