Finally the damned test is over!!

Boy...oh Boy, what a paper that was! A simple Electrical Network Theory paper, that too just a goddamn class test, had taken away my peace of life. Somehow, I'd gotten so much tensed up and frustrated 'coz of this one test. Anyways, finally got it over with, today. Had to answer just two questions...answered one myself and copied the other ;-) Alas, the one I copied turned out to be the wrong solution! Damn, 'guess this's why the elders had always advised not to cheat in the exams! Well, no point talking about it anymore. Finally it's over! Got another test again next week, though. But that's much easier, Maths! Should be easier to comprehend than the cursed circuits.

Planning to spend the night playing cards with the seniors. Even they'd gotten placed in good enough companies, so hardly anything to worry about. Let's see if the plan materialises. Truely, this weekend is heartily welcome. And to top it all, another of our seniors got placed recently. C'mon guys, where's the party? Take out the booze, let's rock n roll!! Anyways, shouldn't get overboard with my mid-semsters from the 30th. Even my health hadn't been giving me all that great support. So, should take care of myself. Can't afford to fall ill.

Planning to go home, that's Mumbai, on the 7th of next month. Got my ticket in Gitanjali. Although have a waiting list of 56, expect it to clear out by the time I need to board the train. Had been buttering Dad to get me a PC this time. Really need it. Not just 'coz people are gonna watch porn and movies & play games on it...but I'm a programmer myself and really need to sharpen up my skills. Doing Electrical Engineering, it might be tough to get into a software company doing hardcore software work. I know, software's where I'm gonna go and build up my career in. Core streams aren't my cuppa tea!

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Friday, September 09, 2005 6:29:00 PM

great enjoy your weekend.