50% Reservations - No, that's not for the Trains!

Well...for the uninitiated, the MHRD plans to hike the reservation of seats for the "backward classes" (that is, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes & other backward classes) upto 50%. They feel these minority sections of the society are the most undeprivileged and they certainly need a boost by the government to move ahead in their lives!

Well...I have a query here. Why the hell do the folks belonging these so called backward sections need to improve their own lives if they continue to get such obscene level of helping hand from the Government? I mean, c'mon...give the rest of the crowd a break! They've been offered reservations from time immemorial and yet, if they need some more to climb the social ladder, do youreally think they're really worth this advantage?

Okay, exactly what class of people are we trying to help, out here? Is it the underprivileged or the lower economic class or the ones who've already established temselves in the society? Underprivileged - how do we really classify who's underprivleged and who isn't? Is it their social position or the economic condition or how important they are in alloting votes? I agree, owing to reservations, this so called "backward secton" has risen to a much greater level..but isn't that enough? I think it's high time we left casteism behind our back and moved ahead. Let's face it guys, it's hardly helping the society in general. C'mon...you know what sorta feeling I'm getting? That the government has divided the very country into 2 sections, one's the forward section & the other backward class. And each of these classes has been given 50% of space to live in their motherland. One must know which half you belong to and better take care not to intrude in the other. This is so bloody incredulous!

I know, this topic is subjected to a very heavy debate whether reservations should b present or not. But here what I'm trying to get into the light is the question whether an obscene 50% reservation's required for the upliftment of the backward sections of the society. I feel the real backward sections of our society are the ones who still have to strive insanely just to have their meals twice a day, they r the ones who can't afford even the most basic neccessities of living. And don't you think such a section doesn't belong to just the so called government stamped backward class but also among the rest? Don't you think it'd have been more feasible and practical if our esteemes government could arrange for financial aids for the needy, built more institutes and tried to market education in the rural sections much fiercer to help the oneswho really need it? Do they think my next door Mr. Marandi, who probably earns 3lacs ina year and drives a Toyota Corrola, needs reservatios for his son to get admitted into a reputed college? Does the government feel that my friend Akshay, who had 3 laptops in his family of four and whom I've never seen coming to school in any transport other than a car, actually deserved the reservations 'coz of which he got Electronics & Telecommunication in NIT Trichy, with an all India rank of 1.2lacs and I deserved to be doing Electrical Engineering in NIT, Jamshedpur with an all India rank of 3,600? Is this what our elected officials call justice for the society?

Brain drain had always been a serious problem for India. Previously, the best of the minds used to go out to work 'coz of higher salaries and better prospects. Such a scenario could be made a thing of past by emerging of MNCs in the country and the standard salary increasing manifold. However, now it seems brain drain's now gonna be much more rampant owing to shortage of seats in the premier institutes such a law is gonna result to. But then again, I guess the government doesn't really care much about that. All they need is votes for their fast drying up vote bank. Kudos to you, mr Arjun Singh. Bravo for taking such an awesome move!

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Saturday, April 15, 2006 10:34:00 PM

well intresting blog u have....well outrightly a hike of 27% does seem unjustified. This has and will eventually stir the grand old debate of merit vs social justice. Well u have very rightly raised few important points. Does Mr. Marandi need reservations for his son given his financial background ? Surprisingly my answer would be yes. Does he need scholarship? Prolly no.

First things first , he needs reservation because unlike the upper castes his progress is of a first generation. Unlike the upper castes who have held affluent positions since time "Immemoriam ". So keeping in view the entire population of the so called competing upper caste students with the measely number of students from backward classes , i don't think the latter stand a chance. Now of this continues for lets say even a decade an entire generation of people wud have become even more backward. So reservation is some kind of normalization, although i must mention temporary.