And they say there's shortage of time...

What a waste! Here we are, back at college after a month long hiatus, and now that we do attend our classes religiously...all we get is useless blabber over Reflection by Electromagnetic "Babes" & their various intensities and frequencies!!

This is taking it's toll on our nerves now. It's almost gonna be May, in a few days. The 4th years need to join their companies by June & even their immediate juniors need to complete their summer trainings. Each & every semester's behind the academic calendar by a minimum of 25 working days. And as if all these aren't enough to bruise our asses, there's this 45°C+ heat in this god-forsaken town 0of Jamshedpur. None of us has a clue when we're supposed to appear for the papers and how long are we gonna get to study for them. To top it all, there're practicals, vivas & submissions too. Good Lord, Save us all!!

Snaps & Videos regarding our college liaison with the 'jhingalala' crowd from the surrounding slums are still pending. I'm sure you're gonna get amused to your wit's end when you check us out actually dodging the poisoned arrows cannonballed by the angry tribals. I know, you're itching for a detailed account of what exactly had happened out here. But, I plan to serve out the scoops only after the pictures are here.

Well anyways, the Electromagnetic "Babes" period's almost over and the prof's walking towards the dais, for attendance. Will surely try to write again, as soon as I can make it.

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2 Thoughts:


Wednesday, April 26, 2006 6:39:00 PM

well atleast you have some idea as to what is goin on... here.. i don have a single clues.. n we are running lk 2 months behind schedule..!!!


Wednesday, April 26, 2006 6:55:00 PM

Well...I jst got to knw tht the end sems r gonna strt on the 22nd n ending on the 27th. Pata nahin wot I shall b doin after tht. Let's c kya hota hai!!