Just 10 things....

Hmm...the time's finally here to be back to college. Won't say I'm too happy, but neither am I too sad. Anyways, just before I left, I thought why not list out a few things about me, just a way of introspection. Do lemme know what you think about these.

10 things I intend to do:
  • Attend classes a li'l more regularly.
  • Be a li'l more diligent in keeping this beloved page of mine updated!
  • Give Dr.Saxena (my ex-HOD) a whack on his back before I get to leave this college.
  • Get a job, so that at least I don't need to ask Dad for money to call up my gf.
  • Create a library of my all time fav English, Hindi n Bong movies.
  • Vanish my ugly double chin.
  • Coax Dad to buy me a comp before next semester.
  • Get my gf a nice li'l present on our 2nd year anniversary. (I couldn't gv her anything on the 1st year & it ached my heart so very much. And all this just 'coz of shortage of funds, Yuck!!)
  • Be good to my parents and give them at least one chance in their lifetime to be very proud of me.
  • Last but never the least, I wanna adhere to each of the above 9 points, as strictly as I can manage!!
10 things I suppose I can do :
  • Hog, hog & hog. You wanna order all the eye candy you can get while I'm accompanying you to any restaurant. Trust me, I won't let your money go waste ;-)
  • Rake up at least 8 CGPA in my next sem.
  • Keep typing hundreds of lines of scary looking code, day & night, provided I get paid good.
  • Play WarCraft & Condition Zero day in & day out, without any need for sleep or rest.
  • Sleep for hours at end. Seriously, if I ever get into the mood of sleeping, I hope u can afford a big enuff band baaja to make me wake up n do some productive work.
  • Write an Autobiography that can rake in quite some money. Seriously, so much has happened in my 20 years of life, I can easily create a minimum of 500 pages of book, with not a single page being drag.
  • Behave in such a way that'll compel almost everybody around me curse in every language you might be able to come across, in this subcontinent.
  • Pass really saucy comments at the gals in my college ;-)
  • Be the most diplomatic guy you've ever met in your life.
  • Love my comp more than I love myself.
10 things I think I can't do :
  • Stay off the internet.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Eat Neem leaves (despite Ma harrowing me on it's huge benefits).
  • Be as romantic as my gal would love me to be.
  • Change the Indian Education System. Despite me being an ardent lover of my country, I hate the system.
  • Be a politician.
  • Spend a day without Heavy Metal.
  • Sing.
  • Stop flirting.
  • Understand the psychology of Women.
10 words I use most :
  • Well...
  • Hmmm...
  • Whatever.
  • What the fuck?
  • May the Devil forbid.
  • I guess.
  • HeHe
  • Wassup?
  • Sweetheart
  • Bloody Bastard
Well, that is it for now, I guess. It was much tougher than I'd expected. Had to think up so bloody much. My grey cells are too tired. I think I'll stop now. Do wish me Bon Voyage..!!

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