Durge Durgatinashini...!!

So...Durga Puja's finally here & what more...Ashtami just got over today. Well, true...the festival basically belongs to the eastern sector of the country...and although it's celebrated with much ado & ethos, I won't say Durga Pujas in Mumbai rock as much as they do in good ol' Kolkata. Consequently, there was no surprise at all when I found out, till late Saptami, that life isn't really happening out here! If you've ever been to West Bengal or Orissa in this season, I can bet my tongue on it, you won't find a single alley where u won't be reminded of the festival. Moreover, the way the fest's celebrated in the monetary capital of the country is a li'l too sophisticated for me, what with the greatest of the filmstars bagging the prestigious tag of organisors themselves!

Anyways, I did happen to visit a few pandals yesterday & today morning. They were good enough experiences for me. Seriously, couldn't expect much better out here. Yet, happened to find some lighter moments even outta those. Here comes a li'l collage of the pix I'd taken when I was out & about, searching for and shooting interesting subjects...basically anything that interested me. Truthfully, I'd taken at least 10 times the number of pics I've posted out here, but then I decided no point eating up your internet bandwidth with all of my idiosyncrasies.

That's the entrance of the Durga Puja pandal organised by Rani Mukherjee & Kajol's family.

This is from Bangur Nagar, Goregaon (W). One of the few old ones which are not sponsored by movie stars.

This idol was in Santacruz, the one sponsored by the Mukherjees.

A more close-up version of Maa Durga.

One of the perks of staying in the city of stars. But seriously, this is the first time I've ever seen Nana Patekar this close! Simply adore this guy!!

Hmm...now wot do I say about this star? I just wish he had a li'l less of both weight & lockets. *LoL*

She is one of my most fav singers of the current generation....Lemme introduce Shreya Ghoshal, folks!!

That's Ila Arun & members of Li'l Champs...the finalists of TVS Sa Re Ga Ma.

Seriously, that's the kinda turnout u can find in almost every pandal, at any given time of day & night!

That's Mumbai traffic at 3 A.M. (Bloody hell!!)

Who said Bong babes aren't sexy..?? ;-)

During Puja days, even the "oldies" like to have adda all thru the night!

Be it the shaadi, puja or award ceremony, sponsors are always mandatory!!

All you need to offer, to get such a huge turn out, is free food!

Here are the servers...Hehe..!!

Empty chairs....people haven't gotten their bhog, you know!

The very same chairs...!

I think some dude just proposed to her...wot do u think?

Any wacky ideas on what the kid might be trying to do?? ;-)

Could you believe it that this kid was actually lost when I'd snapped the pic?

There's Mr Abhijeet Bhattacharya, one of the most prominent Durga Puja organisors!!

Now, wot do u perceive of this man, from this pic?

But then again, I forgave him when I saw this avataar of his! :-P

Well...that is all, as of now, from the lens of my camera. Shall surely post some more soon. Till then...Adios...Sayonara!!

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Sour-ing Mercury

Monday, October 02, 2006 10:59:00 AM

Nice row of pics