My Life...!!

A forked path in this road I encounter,
As I tread alone in this journey called Life.
Putting one foot ahead of the other,
I have trudged so far -
Never thinking, never feeling, never living,
Just existing
In this hollow world that has been created for me.
But now, faced with a choice, I stop.

Taking an uneven breath for the first tme since I started
My journey of constants, constants thrust upon me,
I slowly look up.
Two divergent paths, two divergent roads
A choice that I can make for myself, at last.

I look at the two paths ahead of me.
The one to the right has all I yearn for -
Love. Hope. Warmth. Strength. Courage. Desire.
A home in a quiet place,
Someone to hold me in her warm embrace.
A beacon of amber light; my only salvation in this darkness,
Calling out to me - welcoming me, wanting me, warming me.
My eyes, alive and bright for the first time,
Turn to the other half of the fork.
Darkness - a cloud of never ending darkness shrouding the path
Looms ahead of me.
Colder than the devil's heart,
It chills me to the very depth of my soul.

Which one should I choose?
Although the answer should've been obvious,
With a sinking feeling in my stomach,
With a deep pain cleaving my heart,
My illusion shatter into a thousand pieces
And I am jarred back into my reality.
The stark realisation that
I cannot choose my own path;
Someone has already chosen it for me.

This truth, this profound knowledge, is the only truth in my life.
The glimmer of light, the flicker of hope,
Fades from my eyes as it does from my life,
And just as the weak bows down to the empowered,
I do, in acceptance of my fate.
My eyes, the windows to my soul, assume their normal state of emptiness.
Steeling myself for the never-ending, ever-losing battle that lies ahead,
I take a deep breath.
My life, with its constants & misery,
Settles around my shoulders like a well-worn cloak.
Looking around for the shards of my being,
I find none; this nothingness is all that is left of me.
Looking to my right one last time,
I draw on the last vestiges of my strength & forge ahead.
Further & further from the warm amber glow,
Deeper and deeper into the cloud with no silver lining,
Walking the path of my shattered hopes and dreams.
Welcome to My Life!!

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