Illacrimo Theme Screwed By Blogger

Illacrimo Theme Screwed By BloggerYes, this is how Shayon's Labyrinth is supposed to look. It's been for 2 days that Blogger has screwed up the CSS for this page. I tried tweaking quite a few elements in the page. I'd even tried to upload the original style sheet from Illacrimo but to no avail. I am currently googling my heart out, trying to figure out a solution for my problem. I have even been contemplating shifting to Wordpress. I think it's high time.

Do you think you can help me out with the problem? Do you think you can figure out what went wrong with the style sheet? By the way, I shall keep posting articles, as usual. Do keep visiting. I know, the visual appeal won't be that great. But kindly bear with me.

Update: While giving my page a look, apparently, BosCardin's browser rendered the page just the way it's supposed to be. Hence, here's a screenshot of how things are getting rendered, most of the time (most, because Boscardin got it right, I think). Moreover. you can scrutinize the XML template too, from this link [XML].

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